I love my Ukrainian boy as a son

The war in Ukraine continues. It is ashamed for us, for all normal world because we can’t stop Russian aggression in Ukraine. We do not enough. But I know Ukraine will be free and Russians will be send back to their shitty motherland Russia.

I haven’t written but you know that I of course bought Bayraktar for Ukraine and I support Ukraine as much as I can.

But let’s write about my live.

This photo is only associative. But it shows a lot.

The Ukrainian woman and her child still live with us. And will live till they need. But I want to write about my feelings. We spend so much time with this boy. I think we are with him even more time then his mother because his mother always works, works, works.  We don’t have any grandsons or granddaughters so we are happy of him. We go together somewhere almost every weekend. We often go to walk to old town or to nature after my work.

And I feel that I love him like my own son. Yes, I have a son. But I have never had such relationship with my son which I have with this Ukrainian boy. I was young, I was a hard working man, I was unhappy with my wife so my son was unhappy too with me. There was a lot of problems, so I don’t remember that time as happy time and as I had good relationship with my son.

All things are different now. I am happy with my I. now. And I can give a lot to this Ukrainian boy. We discuss a lot, I teach him how to understand what is good, what is wrong. He knows now that not always all things are true that people say, so he started to think why some people lie or tell their fantasies as real things. I talk to him about varies arias of life, I play with him and so on. And I like doing that.

I want to tell the last story. His mother is divorced. He used to have a step father which used to beat him. He even fought about committing suicide. He told us that in a minute of openness. We met a nice Ukrainian man in Klaipėda and we decided maybe they can fall in love. Because both of them are very nice, beautiful and so on. This man is divorced too but he grows his son alone, so he is a responsible man and a good man. So by our thoughts he is suitable for our Ukrainian woman. So we organized meeting of them in Klaipėda. We spend a lot of time together and their spend enough time separate of us. We were in night club, oh, it was so funny, I have a lot videos from here because my I.’s daughter was with us too and she told that she is not so amused with her friends than with us. Oh, but it is another story.

I went with this boy to swim in Baltic Sea. We were jumping over waves together, I kept him from drowning, we played football, eat together and so forth. After this trip I asked my I. Does the mother felt is love? I. said that she doesn’t know still. And I felt that I was jealous. Because if she fells in love with this man, she will go to live in Klaipėda. And of course she will go with her son. Oh, I don’t want to break up with this boy. I will cry.

When we returned home, we had a walk only for men. It is was the first time when we had the time like father and son.

Ok, calm down. I am not the father. I will not even be a step father. I understand that one day they will leave us. And it will better to him to have a god step father.

I was at gym today. And I realized that I was thinking that to do to him that he will be happy. OMG I am in love. I understand now what is the feeling to have a son. Who respect you, who listens  to you, who grows when you teach him.

Ok, I will be to him like father until he will get a good step father. Oh, after that I will be a good grandfather 🙂

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