The message to Russians troops

Yes, you all know what you did in Bucha and other places of Ukraine.

I intentionally use English word “troop”. Because it’s sound like Russian “труп” (corpse). And you already know that you are or will be soon corpses. All of you.

After World War II Israel established secret intelligence agency “Mossad”. They were seeking the Nazis and killing them. Sometimes they bring the Nazi to the court, but after that they killed the Nazi anyway. And Mossad have been doing it for decades.

What will be after this war? You understand that Ukraine will win. Who of Russians will survive they will return to Russia. And then you nightmare will begin. Because Ukrainian Intelligence agency will start hunting on you. And you will see that one by one of Russians troops will die in so called car accident, will disappear or will be brutally killed or so on.

Will Ukrainian kill your family? I don’t know. If I were Ukrainian I would kill you, your wife, your father and your mother and your children. I understand if Ukrainians will do so.

So sleep well, the death is coming to you.


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