Economics of the war (calculations for EU leaders)

I like Mathematics. I like to calculate what is profitable and what is not. Otherwise than Russians. They don’t calculate. They scream “Hurrah” and go to fight. To us westerns it is stupidity, but we can’t understand Russians. It is impossible.

But we westerns believe in economics, so I calculated some things about this war. There is an answer what western must do that we will have less losses.

Anybody understand what war is not about profit, but about losses. In general. Because for some people and war is profitable, but in general for all people it is only losses.

So. What to do to have less losses. The answer is obvious. Support Ukraine. Send weapons to Ukraine. A lot of weapons. Even more weapons. And stop support Russia, stop buying gas and oil.

Because when Russians comes to Germany, France, Hungary, Netherlands and other EU countries they will ruin all things: houses, bridges, roads, factories and so on. I am not talking about people lives now. I’m talking only about money now.

Spending money today to support Ukraine is a lot cheaper than war in your country. It’s simple.

Your think that not buying oil and gas is expensive to you? See that Russians do in Ukraine and how it will be expensive to rebuild.

Again. Please send weapons. Please stop buying anything from Russia. Yes, it will be expensive, but a lot cheaper than the war.


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