Russians goals of their life

There is such a saying:

Grow a child, plant a tree, build a house.

That is in all the normal world. Let’s see how is in bloody Russia.

The first goal of the Russians is to kill someone. If that someone doesn’t allow to kill him, then the Russians will kill children of that someone. But if that someone protects his children, then the Russians will be happy to kill their own sons.

The second goal of Russian life is to destroy a city. With children, women and men. They want to destroy cities with people because the Russian desire is to kill people.

The third goal is to burn a country. Of course with cities and people in these cities. Because the Russians love not to build but to ruin everything.

Also the Russians love to rape women. They can to be satisfied in two ways – raping women and killing people.

When all people feel an orgasm during the sex, the Russians feel an orgasm when killing people.

Oh, there some strange Russians who are not like all Russians and don’t like killing people. But there is minority of all Russians nation. I think it is about 5 percent.

Shame for the Russians for ages. Especially shame for Russians mothers who grow the criminal nation.

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