New adventures of my Ukrainian child

Ukraine fights with Russia a month. More than the one month. Russia is a bloody country full of Russians terrorists. Ukraine is full of heroes. Slava Ukraini.

What’s new with my Ukrainian child? I have written how long took his trip from his school to our house. An hour and half, when to others it takes 15 minutes. It was his first trip by self. OK. Second day.

I was returning home after work when I saw I. talking on a phone in our yard. My first fought was – where is our new child. And I was right. He was somewhere in the city. So we went to find him. Good thing was that he was on the phone line now, so he could explain where he is. But he was talking so much and didn’t name places where he is. We asked and asked, please say the name of a bus stop. I didn’t understand but he was talking how he is excited how it happened to him, but no titles.  OK, we asked if he could send a photo of a city view where he was. He answered: no, I can’t, I have no the internet. Btw, when we were in a car and were returning home we asked to send us a message via Messenger. And he did. So he had the internet, but told us that he didn’t have.

So we asked to send us a SMS what he see. He send:

Putin, Haga is waiting for you.

Fck, it is a new graffiti somewhere and I don’t know where it is. After that, somehow he said I see Swedbank. Oh, there are so many houses with signboard “Swedbank”, but then he understood that we want from him and began say real names of objects. So we found him.

OK. Today is the third day when he is returning alone. Will see. Will it be a new adventure to us?


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