I have a new child

At the beginning I will explain why I am writing in English. My goal is to learn English. I have English classes, I read, I watch, I listen, I learn new words and so it’s time to begin writing. I think, after ten years I will laugh of my English level today, of how many mistakes I do but once I have to start writing so step by step I will learn English to that level which I want.

So, let’s begin.

When I was dating with I., we talked a lot. About our future, about our plans, as individuals and as couple, about our wishes and so on. For example we agreed that we will live there where I live. If I would like to go to London, Ireland or New York, I. will go together with me. Another our topic was children. I already have got 3 my children, she has got 2 her children. And we agreed that is enough to us and we don’t want a child from she and me.

There is a proverb. People are planning and God is laughing at it.

Now we have a child at our home. No, no, he is not ours. I have already told we have a woman and her child from Ukraine at our home. And I have some duties to look after him. And we have sometimes stress from his behavior.

I drive him to school everyday. And I teach him how to cross the street. Because at first time when he tried to cross the street, a car almost drove up on him. Yes, he is only a child he is 9. So I had a stress and in the evening I was teaching him how to cross the street. But next day he made another mistake, so I had the stress again. Our learning is in progress now. I think next time everything will be OK.

Next stressful situation. We went to protest against Russian invasion into Ukraine. His mother started working and he had to come home by self. Ok, we were standing nearby Seimas and we got a call from his mother:

– Where is my son? He wrote at 18:12 SMS that he was getting on the trolleybus and now is 19:12 but he is not at home and he is not answering the phone.

We urgently left the protest and went to our car with minds to try find him. But how? Call the police? Call to a hospital? Call to a trolleybus park?

When we were driving we got a call from his mother. Everything is ok, he arrived. We asked him, how it is possible to get home an hour and half then usually it takes only 15 minutes. He said:

– The trolleybus was very old so it was going very slowly.

And we don’t have other explanation now 🙂

Nice 🙂

We were going to the school this morning and started talking about war in Ukraine. And he told me very interesting thing.

If he could have BTR (it is like a small tank), he will kill all Russians troops. Not one by one as Ukrainians do now, but all at once.

The most interesting thing is that he is a Russian. So the Russians children from Ukraine are against the Russians from Russia. And we have heard Putin was talking: we Russians are going to rescue Russians in Ukraine. What a big liar is Putin and his worshipers.

This photo is from the internet. All children in Ukraine wants to kill Russians troops. Yes, I understand what it is terrific, but who is in charge of it. Putin and other Russians from Russia.

Ok, It’s my first writing in English. I hope not the last 🙂


  1. Since you are writing in English, I will also comment in English 🙂

    First of all, I haven’t visited wordpress for ages and I’m so happy I did today – when I saw your new uploads, I got so excited! Literally I ran to my kitchen to grab some water and then ran back to read your texts 😀
    Congrats on your “new child” – I’m really happy you are helping this family from Ukraine. It’s amazing! I’ll be looking forward to know how you and they are doing – these changes are big not only for them, but also for you 🙂

    Sending my best wishes!


    • Oh, fine, nice to see my old friends. I’m happy that you don’t forget me. So i will try to write more often. I hope my English one day will be like yours 🙂 And, OK I will write more about my new Ukrainians friends. I promise 🙂 Of course it is not easy to me to write in English, but I have a goal. Thank you supporting me.

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