How to stop Russians invasion to Ukraine

I will not talk about NATO or making not fly zone in Ukraine. I will write three simple steps to achieve this goal – to stop Russia’s war  against Ukraine, against freedom, against humanity.

So what all people in world must to do:

1. Send weapons to Ukraine. When you have sent, then send more weapons again. And again. And a lot of weapons. And send weapons everyday. It’s the most important thing.

2. Stop sending money to Russia:

a) Disconnect all Russians and related to Russia banks from SWIFT. ALL.

b) Forbid buying anything from Russia. Anything.

c) Stop selling to Russia. Anything.

d) Provide these sanctions to that country which tries to help Russia to avoid these sanctions, like Belarus, Serbia.

3. Support people in Ukraine, provide shelter, food, medicines and so one.

But it is only my dream. Because it is shame form many European countries like Germany, they will not do these three things until Russian army comes to him and starts killing German’s children and women.

But some one has told: Have good dreams and it will become reality one day.

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