Ką reiškia ATF

Kai kuriau Blog’ą kažkaip reikėjo pavadinti, o dabar įdomu pasidarė tai ką tas ATF reiškia. Googlinu:

Advanced Tactical Fighter program (competition between YF-22 and YF-23 fighter aircraft for U.S. Air Force contract)

Agrotechnologijų fakultetas

Automatic transmission fluid, the liquid medium used in hydraulic automatic transmission systems

ATF – Prancūzijos Pietų Sritys, triženklis šalies kodas pagal:
Tarptautinės standartizacijos organizacijos standartą ISO 3166-1;
ATP (seniau ATF) – Adenozin 5′ trifosfatas (C10H16N5O13P3) – vienas pagrindinių ląstelės makroenerginių junginių;
ATFazė (arba ATPazė) – fermentas, verčiantis H+ (arba kurio nors kito jono) elektrocheminio gradiento energiją cheminės jungties energija ir atvirkščiai;
ATFazė – bendrinis visų ATF skaidančių fermentų vardas;

A.T.F., a 1999 television film produced for the American Broadcasting Company
After the Fire, 1970s and 1980s rock band
“ATF”, a rap song by DMX (rapper)
Stealth ATF, a computer game
ATF (1988 video game), a computer game released by Digital Integration

ATF, abbreviation for Above The Fold, the top half of a newspaper’s page 1, reserved for the most important news

The Ajax Tools Framework (ATF) is a tool integrated with Eclipse for Web developers who use Ajax techniques

Amžiaus tarpsnio fiziologija

Asian Tennis Federation

Automated Testing Framework (ATF)

The ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF)

Asia Television Forum

ATF: Armored Task Force, a real-time wargame simulation of combined arms warfare.

Details for file extension: ATF – GenePix Axon Text File (Molecular Devices Corporation) :: ATF – Photoshop Transfer Function (Adobe Systems Incorporated)

ATF or Alaskan Thunder Fuck.

Šis visai nieko:

agree to fuck; usually asked as a question, or a comment when two people are OBVIOUSLY flirting, and you just want them to get on with it already.
Girl: “Omg you are so funny!”
Boy: “You are too, and really pretty!”
You: Atf?

Arab Thought Forum


Accessibility Task Force

The Accounting Task Force (ATF)

Asia Trust Fund

ATF Bank located in Almaty

Labiausiai patiko šis:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives commonly referred to as “the ATF”, a law enforcement agency within the United States Department of Justice.

Na, čia išsirinkau įdomiausius. Dar pilna kitų reikšmių.

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